American Idol Top 13: ANOOP DESAI


 “We decided, recently, we’re going to make this a top 13.” – Simon Cowell

Anoop Desai, 22 years old and born to Indian parents, has created a milestone for American Idol Season 8 when, seemingly, the four judges could not decide between him and Matt Giraud. He was installed by the judges in the Wildcard round as the 13th finalist which, traditionally, good for only 12. It is indeed shocking for him as well as the followers of the TV show.

Noop Dogg was already starting his graduate studies in folklore when he auditioned for American Idol in Kansas City and was one of the lucky 12 aspirants who advanced to Hollywood rounds. It was an ‘unexpected’ audition, basing from his ‘geeky-ness’, when he sang Boyz II Men’s Thank You of which the judges were impressed.

During the Hollywood rounds, however, he was one of those who were least featured in the AI episodes. But such greatness in singing would not be easily ignored when he was selected for the Top 36. With just 20,000 votes shy from Michael Sarver during the first round of the semi-final competition, he was eliminated. Well-liked by the judges, he was given another chance during the Wildcard round with which he surpassed his performance of Prerogative during the Hollywood round.

Given his show of talent and likability, Anoop definitely has the capability to become the next American Idol. His musical background (he was a member of an a capella group in his university) has helped him triumphed as he did in the singing competition. He actually can make you stand on your feet and sing with him. He is cool to watch and possesses good tonal quality in his voice, thanks to college singing.

When he was eliminated in the Top 36’s Group 1, everybody were screaming for him. He should have gone first to the Top 12 instead of Michael. I screamed too! Now that he is back and in a grand way, I am very proud of him and all of the Asians who had the opportunity to be on the Idol stage. I just hope Americans will not judge him by his color and heritage but by his talent and abilities.

Continuing the path of Slumdog Millionaire, Anoop is going for another slaying in American Idol Season 8.

Good luck Noop Dogg!

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4 thoughts on “American Idol Top 13: ANOOP DESAI

    • Joe, I think Anoop just have to choose the right song for him. It can be R&B or Soul or Pop. But I like him better when he sings Pop. 🙂

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