I almost transformed into something more ‘wicked’


Just when my stomach was already growling from hunger, my perspiration starting to soak my shirt, my left shoulder numbed from carrying my crumpler with the MB in it and when I am about to throw away my shoes since my soles were getting hotter and hotter, my Big Mac was given to drive-through customers , two in a row, while I was made to wait for almost thirty minutes. That branch of McDonald’s near my place sucks big time!

I was power-dressed, so I thought I should use that ‘power’. I went to the cashier counters and just shouted at anybody who can hear (well, almost all of them, including the manager who panicked) me.


Those are exact words by the way.

When they finally prepared my burger and delivered it to me, it was in a take-out plastic bag. OMFG! The crew who delivered it got another angry shout from me.

Well…it was a night. I would probably not eat there for a few days.


15 thoughts on “I almost transformed into something more ‘wicked’

    • hehehe…I lost my patience e. I’m usually tamed when it comes to situations like that. But…it was over my head. 🙂

  1. hala! kakatakot.. hahaha… pero minsan kasi ang sarap talagang gawin yan especially pag kasalanan nila.. hehehe.. kasi naman eh.. badtrip sila. 😀

    happy eating kuya!

  2. I would like to do that again, just like at:

    1. KFC Cubao
    2. SM Hypermart Pasig
    3. Wendy’s Cubao
    4. McDonald’s Emerald
    5. Starbucks Emerald
    6. Jollibee Las Pinas
    7. Yellow Cab Alabang
    8. SM Marikina
    9. McDonald’s New Frontier
    10. Jollibee Drive-Through Pasig
    11. Allied Bank – Ortigas
    12. Mini-Stop Garnet

    Ayan, those are my Season 8 Top 12 public flare-ups.

  3. Final 2? that ‘s easy….

    2. the lady who couldn’t decide whether to get inside the lift or not. apparently, she was confused which of the elevators to take, whether where I am (for the high-rise floors) or otherwise which is just across. I had to blurt out – “Hey Lady! We haven’t got all day!”

    and the Top answer is . . . . . . . .

    1. while talking to our courier’s AE verifying what the issue is why we have not be serviced despite all accounts were cleared –

    “Everything has been settled a week ago. It is not our problem if your organization has hired incompentent accounting graduates who can not update your system at the expense of your long-time clients. I think it is better to drop your automated collection system and shift back to a 60-column worksheet and columnar notebooks. Then your guys can effectively do their responsibilities because they have been left behind by the advances of technology!”

  4. you know what they say… never mess with a hungry man,..

    i also get awfully cranky when im hungry and i don’t appreciate being made to wait so long for my food especially if it’s fast food.

    it kinda makes you wonder if you would have gotten your food a lot faster had you walked over to the drive thru window and ordered from there.. lol

    • hmnnn, Kar, I should have thought of that, going through the drive-through without the “drive”! LOL and yeah, I should gotten my food there faster than dining inside.

      And you know what, it’s been like that for fastfoods here in the Philippines. That’s bad customer service.

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