AI8 Wildcard: A really ‘wild’ choice for Tatiana


It was the results show and the next three finalists will complete the nine spots in the Top 12. From the performances last night, the obvious winners are Lil Rounds and Jorge Nuñez. I thought Scott MacIntyre will go through to the Top 12 no matter what. And just as I have predicted, the three went through.

The best part of the results show is the drafting of the wildcard contestants. I suppose the four judges should all agree with the choices. But it seemed that each of the judges chose their own wildcard contestant. Well, this might help us all how the wildcard process was done. And the judges had a last minute change on one card.  Who can that be?

I am just happy that most of my favorites were given second chances.

1. Von Smith – from Group 3. I thought he performed well yesterday and there was no wailing from him. The judges saw his effort and he deserved the spot. He should wear a hat, according to Simon.

2. Jasmine Murray – from Group 2. Her performance last week was nearly a disaster and that cost her a spot in the Top 12. I believe she has great potentials and I hope she’ll do good next week. Kara tagged her as very commercial. Yeah.

3. Ricky Braddy – from Group 1. He did a good job with his performance two weeks ago but just not enough to get the voters’ nod. This time it’s his last chance to prove to America that he should be in the Top 12. Paula said he has a nearly flawless performance in the first round. OhK.

4. Megan Corkrey – from Group 2. I love it when Simon was the one who picked her. She’s just very interesting and talented. One-of-a-kind. I hope she’ll get a spot in the Top 12.

5. Tatiana Del Toro – from Group 1. Now this one choice is what I call “wild”. Did I hear it right when Randy said they chose this “hehe” girl and “drama queen” unanimously? In ‘fairfax county, virginia’ (read: in fairness LOL I’m beginning to be ‘wild’ also), she did well during the first round.

6. Matt Giraud – from Group 2. He needs to choose the right song for him. He needs to bring out that soul in him. Having said that, I agree with Kara.

7. Jesse Langseth – from Group 2. I now hate her. She’s annoyingly very confident about herself. Need not say more!

8. Anoop Desai – from Group 1. YEY! He is the easiest choice according to Simon and that’s true!

So there. I just hope the judges won’t try to balance things out in the Top 12. Whoever is worthy should go through irrespective of his/her descent and gender.


13 thoughts on “AI8 Wildcard: A really ‘wild’ choice for Tatiana

  1. my choices for the top 3 were Lil, Von & Scott with Jo’nut(??) close by. Never realized Jorge would make it. Or malakas lang ang voting power ng mga puerto ricans. you know, they are very active in voting with….ok i don’t want to go there.

    i’m glad Megan & Anoop and Von are at the wild card. I just hope these three make it. Alternatively, Ricky and Jasmine can take one of the last 3 slots.

    But please not Jessie. Anybody but Jessie.

    If Tatiana makes it, pang-entertainment value na lang yan. 🙂

    • South Parc, you hate Jesse too? She’s becoming arrogant and that is not a good sign e.

      Tatiana, for sure, is for the ‘commercial value’.

    • Mak, as I was saying before in one of my comments on Danny Gokey, it’s not entirely their fault of being OVERrated. hehehe

      But KRIS ALLEN!!!! FTW! RIGHT! GO!


  2. Thank goodness Ju’Not didn’t make it, I hated his Hey There Delilah. Hahah. Underwhelming group, though. I would’ve wanted Lil, Von, and Scott, but Jorge’s fine, too.

    As for the wildcards, I’m picking Von, Jesse and Anoop. 😛

    Mak, Adam vs Danny Final Two. 🙂

    • Ker, you’re right. I think it’s very evident that the Final 2 will be between Adam and Danny. 🙂

      Jamar Roger’s Hey There Delilah is far, far better than Ju’Not’s.

  3. I really hope the underdogs outsing Lambert and Dankey. I’m going with whomever gets featured in VFTW.

    Excited for the themes! Wee!

  4. @ white – yes i so hate her
    @ Mak – yeah for Megan and Von and Anoop too
    – Adam is really good and can pull buyers to purchase albums.
    Danny Gokey isn’t over rated. He has a lot of potential. Dynamics in his tone makes his interpretation effective.
    @ white – pang entertertain lang naman talaga si Tatiana Nicole
    @ Kerwin – in fairness, Ju’ Not is a soulful singer, though song choice isn;t popular. At wala naman talagang taglay na face value.
    @ Badong – I think it’s Kris A’s appeal to the viewing public that gave him a Top 12 slot.
    @ white – I just want to be crazy! I’m so swamped with work. Nakakaistorbo sa pagko-comment sa blogs.

    Ha ha ha ha ha…….

  5. By overrated I mean I have heard better singers than Lambert. Or I guess his tone isn’t my cup of tea.

    I like Danny prior to hearing Matt G and Megan, and seeing Kris Allen (FTW!). 😀

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