AI8 Group 2 Performance: Do we need more satisfaction?


As I feel weird about the title of this post, Group 2’s performances are actually weird and disappointing. Most of them.  There were a lot of good talents in the bunch as we have seen during the Hollywood auditions but their performances were either flat or forgettable.  With the new format of eliminations, it is really a make or break for each of the contestants and they did not live up to the challenge.

Jasmine Murray 
She was one of my early favorites for the final 12 but she totally disappointed me.  She was off-key the whole time!  I think she would need more Love Songs.

Matt Giraud
He’s another disappointment for me.  I love his performances in the Hollywood rounds but not this time.  He chose a totally wrong song for him.  He should have chosen a song in the soul or blues genre.

Allison Iraheta
A Kelly Clarkson wannabe? I bet.  In fairness to her, she broke the flat-ness of the other performances though her song (Alone) is overrated.

Kris Allen
He looks like an older David Archuleta but far from the voice of The Arch.  He can sing but his performance is too safe.

Megan Corkrey
She’s another one of my early favorites and she did not disappoint me.  I don’t mind the relatively distracting wiggles.  She’s unique and I love her voice.

Nick Mitchell
Do I need to say something about his performance?  One word (borrowed from Simon): ATROCIOUS.  He joined the wrong contest.  He might have a chance in the AGT.  To the judges:  you wasted one spot in the semi-finals.  Nick’s spot should have gone to one who’s more deserving to be on Idol stage.

Jesse Langseth
She did a safe performance but I really hate a contestant arguing with one of the judges.

Adam Lambert
Need I say more?!  He totally rocked the Idol stage.  And that voice!  Where did he get that? It’s wicked.  As I’ve said, I think he is what I think he is.

About the rest? Never mind. hehe

So it’s about song choices, staying who you are and being outstanding.  Based on the performances of most of the contestants of this batch, I think they went out of their comfort zones and failed miserably.  I just hope the next group would not disappoint more.

There are three of them who will advance to the final 12 and I am sure about Adam Lambert to make it and I hope Megan Corkrey and Allison Iraheta too.


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