David C. and David A. IN MANILA?!


In his PhilsStar column (FUNFARE) today, February 25, 2009, Ricky Lo posted a ‘flash buzz’ that AI7 winner David Cook and his runner-up David Archuleta will be coming to Manila first week of May for a concert.  He also speculated that it will be held at the SM Mall of Asia (MOA) Open Ground.

IS THIS TRUE? David Cook was previously rumored to be holding his first major concert ever here in the Philippines after winning Idol last year.  But nothing happened and the rumor just died.  Maybe there were no takers (read:  sponsors).
I am inclined to believe about the two Davids holding a concert together here.  But I guess I could only vouch for one of them, most probably earlier.  GUESS WHO?! hehe  Clue: somebody I know will be elated to know who that David is.

9 thoughts on “David C. and David A. IN MANILA?!

  1. OH MY GOD!!!

    I will kill for backstage passes, or front row seats. 🙂

    Do you know when he’s coming over? I need to prepare. Hahaha.

  2. Mak, I would like to see David Edward do a concert in MOA! hehe sabihin mo sa kanya, mag-concert siya.

    BUT I know you will be ‘elated’ with this news! I’m still crossing my fingers though…sana matuloy si David!

  3. South Park, gusto ko silang dalawa! Pero sa nasabi ko na at alam mo rin yun, isa lang sa kanila! ehehe My friend would be very happy with that David…:)

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