AI8 Top 36 Group 1: Were the contestants that nervous?


Season 8 of American Idol has introduced several changes in the show’s format and the changes are very pronounced in the Top 36 rounds. The 36 semi-finalists were grouped into (was it at random?!) 3 with 12 contestants each. Then of course, each of the contestants in a group will perform their stuff then the American public votes. And there’s a wildcard round.

I’m not really sure of how they would choose (three actually) those who will advance to the Final 12. What I’m definite about is the male and female with the highest votes will advance.

Going back to the performances last night, it is clear that the groovy Alexis and Danny did solid performances with the latter singing MC’s Hero. I thought the voting viewers saw that. I’m sure they’re assured of a spot each in the Final 12.

Ann Marie just did a so-so performance, failing to show her best. I was a bit disappointed with her performance actually. Doing an Aretha Franklin number should at least match the original. Otherwise, it will be a total disappointment.

Simon has been vocal about Michael Sarver: he is not going to win this competition. With his version of Gavin DeGraw’s I Don’t Want To be, I think he did a good job – little shaky but nevertheless good. But wait. After giving some thoughts about Simon’s remarks about Michael, I also think he is not the type for an American Idol. Anyhow, credits goes to his talent.

Anoop, who has been secluded from the limelight of Hollywood rounds, sang Monica’s Angel of Mine. It seemed to have been a poor song choice but he sang it very well. There’s something different about those of Asian descent when it comes to singing: there’s a heart. But I think it might not be enough to go through the next round. That was a wildcard performance actually.

And what do I think of the other performances? I was disappointed with Jackie Tohn – her performance is dragging. Stevie Wright was definitely out of tune. Ricky Braddy seemed to be up only for a wildcard. Casey? What?! Stephen Fowler fouled, again, for the second time around but no repeat performance. I can’t remember Brent Keith‘s performance already (that’s how disappointing and forgettable his performance was).

Dyaraaaaan! Who can forget Tatiana Del Toro, the drama queen? She sang Whitney Houston’s Saving All My Love For You and she delivered. OMG! I’m crossing my fingers!

Overall, I think only Alexis Grace and Danny Gokey are worthy to advance.


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