AI8: Alexis, Michael and Danny made it first!


The verdict for the first group of Top 36 has been handed down and it was Alexis first, then Michael and then Danny who will advance to the Final 12.

I have no doubt with Alexis. She did well and she deserves the spot in the next round.

According to IdolChatter, only about 20,000 votes separated Anoop and Michael. Apparently, it was Michael who got the 20,000 extra votes to advance to the next round.

Danny and Tatiana were called last. I was actually crossing my fingers! And thank God it was NOT Tatiana. Danny went through.

The voters were intelligent enough, I think. Kudos! I am satisfied with the results. And here are my wildcard choices from Group 1:

1. Anoop Desai
2. Ricky Braddy
3. Ann Marie Boskovich
4. Jackie Tohn
5. Tatiana Del Toro (she deserves the mention based on her performance but SHE CAN’T BE IN THE TOP 12!)

The following was the group’s production number with Jason Mraz’s I’m Yours.

6 thoughts on “AI8: Alexis, Michael and Danny made it first!

  1. Dang! I really hope Anoop would make it as a wildcard. I’m also disappointed with Ann Marie. She’s still pretty, though. LOL. And Danny, just too overrated, I’m sorry.

  2. Danny overrated?! blame it on the producers. They gave too much exposure to Danny since day 1. Maybe, he is their bet. But in fairness to Danny, he has IT to become this season’s Idol. 🙂

    and yes, Anoop should be in the Top 12.

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