AI8: Hollywood, Group Round – OMG Adam Lambert!


I was so busy and stressed (again!) with office work that I totally set aside Idol.  Yes, at least for a day.  When I happen to watch the replay of the Group Round last night, I actually hated the drama that was caused by Tatiana – that HEHEHE GIRL and Katrina – that BIKINI GIRL. Katrina caused the downfall of one of the better singers, Rose Flack.  

There were a lot of bad group performances last night, including that of Emily Wynne-Hughes. Oh I hate to see her go home.  She’s got the looks and the voice but with what she showed during the first two rounds of Hollywood Week, I thought it’s her time to go.

What compensated the bad moments of the Group Round were the stand-out performances (at least from those featured in last night’s episode) of the group of Matt Giraud, Danny Gokey and Adam Lambert.

1.  Matt Giraud, Kris Allen, India Morrison and Justin Williams

2.  Danny Gokey, Jamar Rogers, Taylor Vaifanua, and another girl

3.  Adam Lambert, Michael Sarver, Matt Brietzke and Jesse Langseth

Clearly, Danny Gokey and Adam Lambert are Final 12 potentials. Anoop and Scott are still absent from the limelight. And it’s down to 75 for the final Hollywood round.


3 thoughts on “AI8: Hollywood, Group Round – OMG Adam Lambert!

  1. Felt sad when PINK girl was told to leave. So much potential.

    Good thing bikini girl is out. she’s a distraction…totally.

    i agree with Adam, the guy whose wife passed on, and the oil rigger.

    I wonder where Lenesha was?

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