American Idol 8: ‘A tale of two cities’ [New York and San Juan]


Saving the best for last? I don’t think so Ryan. What I’ve seen from this last audition episode is not impressive. But then, we haven’t seen all of the 26 auditions that were given the golden tickets in New York and the 9 from San Juan (Puerto Rico). Expectedly, most of the auditions featured are crazy. And I think there are more good auditions that were rejected in Salt Lake City than those that were given passes for the next round in either New York or San Juan.

I bet American Idol is not yet ready to take in Latin singers. Likewise, there were rumors that only a handful (less than a thousand) came for the San Juan auditions. Well, it’s a matter of time. Or something’s just wrong?

Going back to this night’s episode, audition features were alternatively shown for New York and San Juan. Got some connection between the two cities? Heard the opening background song? Yep, it’s America from the musical West Side Story. It’s good that AI found a good and sensible connection between the last two cities but the editing is so cramped. Tonight’s episode is nothing more than the San Francisco auditions. But I was actually entertained by Nick ‘Norman Gentle’ Mitchell as much as the judges were.

On my next post, the videos of some of the good auditions from the last two cities. Next week is Hollywood week and I hope they would select the best 36 people for the semi-finals. Crossing my fingers! Ciao!


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