I’m the last one to know


I feel bad since I was the last one to know of an incident at work that apparently points back to me as the ’cause’. Why? What did I do wrong? I have no idea. Sheesh.

I have this habit of going around from one department to another. It’s part of my job. I am observing and actually taking notes. Most of the time I would just keep to myself and my boss those observations. But there are also instances where I would personally talk to the department heads to discuss those things that I observe on policy adherence. During those discussions, I try to generalize matters especially involving people.  I know how the grapevine works and it’s very destructive.

There was an incident last Tuesday involving a department head and his subordinate.  The closed door meeting ended in a walkout by the subordinate.  And then, the termination.  Policy-wise, the walkout is a case of grave insubordination and the resolve is only termination.

I was not aware of any incident until only this morning when my staff told me about it and my name was dragged into the incident.  As I understand it, I was the ’cause’ of the walkout. I allegedly told the department head involved that the subordinate doesn’t do his job as in walang ginagawa.  Aw!  That’s not true.  I never did.

When I did eventually know what happened after two days, I was very disappointed with the department head. If ever someone tipped you about your people, would you drop the name of the whistle-blower (for lack of a better word) simply because you have no first-hand information?  It is not a sound personnel management. The tip should be kept confidential and that would prompt you to investigate the situation. That style is only reserved for Pontius Pilates! It also points to the fact that you are not also doing your job as a supervisor.

The thing is, I did not do anything.  I wanted to confront those people involved but I also don’t want to stoop into their level.  No. I don’t have to defend myself since I have not done anything wrong. I don’t care about the grapevine.

I am just disappointed.  

One thought on “I’m the last one to know

  1. wow! this is serious.

    coming from HR, i have been used to this. was even tagged as the “bearer of bad news”.

    it is disheartening, but if we know that we are only doing our job and doing it right, then we should not be affected.

    (and this is coming from someone who is already used to these scenaios.)

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