American Idol 8: Not much Jacksonville!


It’s the fifth round of auditions for American Idol Season 8 and they headed to Jacksonville (Florida). The first day saw Randy Jackson taking charge of the judges. Yes, it was probably a tribute and giving more importance to Randy’s Jackson-ville. Corny. Haha! And Simon and Paula had another chance to be in each other’s arms! Well, Kara might have been jealous of Paula and was ‘actually’ waiting for Simon to be doing the same for her. I love Kara for that.

This part of the auditions is not much impressive as compared to San Francisco. As Simon has quipped, most of the aspirants are terrible. Henceforth, I have nothing to say for this round except for Jasmine Murray and Ann Marie Boskovich. Jasmine Murray is one shy 16-year old girl the first time the camera gave a glimpse at her. She’s charming though and has a very promising poppy voice. She sang Fergie’s Big Girls Don’t Cry and when she opened her mouth to sing the first note, her seeming timidity was transformed into confidence. Her audition was in fact good. Well, I thought she just chose a song fitted for her voice since I could tell a slight enunciation problem. The following is her moment for a golden ticket to Hollywood:

The most outstanding (for me) audition was that of Ann Marie Boskovich. She has a great potential to be a star and I could tell that Simon liked her very much. In fact Simon, as seconded by the other three judges, gave her a privileged advice to bring out the star material in her and was given another chance to do so. The judges were satisfied with what she has meagerly done on herself to look good (a little eye make up and took off the denim jacket) when she finally came back and sang Bubbly by Colbie Caillat. Here’s her moment:

So what do you think? There’s more of the terrible auditions than good ones. Nevertheless, they gave out 16 golden tickets for the two-day Jacksonville auditions.

Off to David Archuleta’s Salt Lake City tomorrow.


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