BIR spoofed! Public is warned.


As per the security alert published by the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) in its website just recently, there were emails received by some taxpayers purportedly coming from BIR officials. A sample of the email that was sent to a taxpayer was also published and it is clearly another face of Nigeria 419 scam. Obviously, the email as in the sample contains grammatical and spelling errors which is unlikely and remote especially coming from a Philippine government agency such as the BIR. Most Nigeria 419 emails are traceable back to Nigeria (the reason for the prefix) so I don’t know what would you think of that.

This is one reason why I won’t upload any of my pics in the net, including my complete name and exact address.


2 thoughts on “BIR spoofed! Public is warned.

  1. Question: Feb 27 na raw the submission of the alphalist kasi BIR will send out new forms to use that is acceptable to their system and theold one will be rejected?

  2. Southpark, I am also waiting for the official announcement from the BIR. We are expecting that actually given the format they required for the “transitional” alphalist.

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