American Idol 8: It’s Looo’vil


San Francisco auditions are the worst ever I saw in American Idol.  I was about to give up on the auditions but AI redeemed itself with its fourth installment.  So it’s Louisville, Kentucky, and it doesn’t matter how you pronounce it. Haha!

The first audition feature was that of Tiffany whatever-her-surname-is. OMG! She butchered Mariah Carey’s Hero! If M would have been a judge, the Coca-cola cup could have been found somewhere near her. Still not satisfied after she was rejected, she butchered another – Because Of You by Kelly Clarkson. My ears were about to bleed including that of the horse!  But the parents…the mother especially.
True Ryan.  Somewhere amongst the noise, there are true talents.  One is Joanna Pacitti who was very emotional when given a unanimous ‘yes’ vote to Hollywood.  She was actually signed with A&M Records but unfortunately her recording career did not work out.  In fairness to Joanna, she has a good pop voice that’s kinda shrill but pleasing nevertheless.  I think she will do well in the next round.
Reminiscent of the voice of Elliot Yamin of Season 5, Matt Giraud caught my attention.  He sounded very good with Gavin DeGraw’s I Don’t Want To Be.  The same attention went to Brent Keith Smith who auditioned before Matt.  Well, there went Simon and Kara’s word fight again. I like it when Simon is silenced by Kara.  But Simon has a unique way of giving constructive criticisms which, most of the time, is being misunderstood otherwise.  Anyhow, both men were given the golden pass.

And then came Kris Allen, Felicia Barton with a solid voice, then Ryan Johnson who’s almost shouting in my opinion and Shera Lawrence.  Each of their auditions were fast clips but all went home with a golden ticket.  Lack of time?
The last and definitely the best for Kentucky was Leneshe Young who was given at least ten minutes of exposure.  With a backstory (she spent her childhood in homeless family shelters) that I could only hear from a Philippine singing contest of the same format, the young girl is awesome. With that I remembered Lauryn Hill in Sister Act 2. Leneshe sings very good and writes songs (she sang her original Natty) well too.  The four judges are very well impressed with her.  But Paula made a ‘bluff’ by saying no and retracted immediately when Leneshe was about to breakdown.  It was a moment for Leneshe actually.  I hope she will survive until the final 12.
Next week’s episodes will start with Jacksonville auditions.

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