Everyday is a miracle


The world is offering a lot of opportunities for us but somehow we either chose to let them pass by or we just failed to recognize them.  We tend to preoccupy ourselves with the things that are, at the very least, not really for us and therefore improbable given the circumstances.  At the end, they remained and will remain to be just mere wishes.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with aiming for something: it gives us hope and the drive to continue on living.  But what usually matters most are those of the present that if only given the needed importance would often lead us to realize our aspirations. Everyday is a miracle and every second of that twenty-four hours is worth our attention.  After all, we would never know what’s coming for us the next day.  Time is going forward and not backwards.
Your life is defined by its opportunities…even the ones you miss.
– Benjamin Button

3 thoughts on “Everyday is a miracle

  1. ahhh. tama kuya, minsan we overlook things kasi masyado tayong busy.

    sino kasama mo manuod ng benjamin button?

    may gusto kong line dun. nakalimutan ko. ung sinabi nung nagturo sa kanya ng piano regarding death.

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