American Idol 8: Kansas City – all that jazzzzz…


I have to write this post before the thoughts get off my mind when I eat my dinner. hehe

Well, it’s the second round of the season’s auditions in Kansas City (Missouri), the hometown of the current American Idol David Cook.  Obviously, DC’s parents are present!  But what’s the jazzzzzzzz (read: boring) all about?  There were more crazy auditions in this city than in Phoenix.  I guess it would be another down moment in the viewership for American Idol tonight as was the current season’s opener got the lowest since 2004 (according to USA Today’s Idol Chatter).  
Kara, the new judge, is still up with my impressions on her.  The other three judges are still the same while the cameraman tried to capture the ‘different faces’ of Simon.  I also think that the judges delivered tonight with the passing through to Hollywood of Lil Rounds who sang Stevie Wonder’s All I Do; she’s probably one of the best vocalists there would be in this season.  Randy thought of her as a cross between Fantasia and Mary J. Blige but the moment she opened her mouth to sing, I saw Latoya London of Season 3 in terms of singing but hopefully not of fate.
Another notable audition was that of Danny Gokey, a music teacher whose wife died a month before his audition.  He sang Marvin Gaye’s Heard It Through The Grapevine.  I laughed when I heard him sing that song.  Why?  I actually remembered the frogs singing it in movie theaters here, reminding about movie etiquette.  Heard that grapevine?! LOL  Seriously, I like Gokey’s voice quality – a little bit soft and raspy but with command.
Then there’s Anoop Desai who sang Boys II Men’s Thank You just like Sarver yesterday.  He’s a little bit geeky as what Simon has remarked but he’s got good, big voice that’s totally unexpected from the way he looks and his background.  I also would like to mention Asa Barnes, a marching director, whose audition song The Way You Make Me Feel by Michael Jackson got him a golden ticket.
Rounding up my notes (aw, I’m already hungry!) is Michael Castro.  Yes, you got it right – the brother of Season 7 finalist Jason Castro.  I asked a friend of what he thought about Michael through SMS and told me “he’s cute but not finals material.”  He’s so cocky by the way and I like his voice better than Jason’s even if he just started to sing for about 20 days only as he had admitted to the judges.  I could see a star material in him and girls screaming.
So that’s it.  The whole show tonight was just boring and I failed to eat my dinner on time. Gosh! What happened to American Idol? Hmnnnn…

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