American Idol 8: Season opener did not impress (me)


What a sloppy season opener!  The past seasons montage is “well, okay, I know…”  But what I have been itching to watch is the new addition to the Idol judges – Kara (Cair-a, and not Ca-ra as Simon would pronounce it) DioGuardi.  She is said to be one of the major changes in the Idol format and I thought that another judge might not be welcomed to confuse the contestants more with the judges’ comments.  But Kara delivered well.  She’s actually good as a judge and can even match Simon’s comments.  She’s honest and straightforward unlike Paula.  Her credentials as a songwriter-producer is even more impressive (ha!) than Randy’s.  So far, she’s more than a pretty face (hmnnn).

Phoenix (Arizona) is the hometown of Jordin Sparks and this is where American Idol held its first round of auditions.  However, the aspirants did not impress me at all except for three:  that lady in pink (I thought Pink was trying out…) Emily Wynne-Hughes who has a distinct voice and rocker looks, that oil rigger Michael Sarver who might pass for a country singer with his looks but sang Boys II Men’s Thank You instead to the delight of the judges and And So It Goes that blind singer-songwriter-pianist Scott MacIntyre who came with his encouraging lifestory. Other than the three I mentioned, everything is the same old stuff highlighted by trying hard, no-talent-at-all and weird time-wasters.  And that bikini girl! She’s ughhh!
Well, let’s hope for more potentials in the next audition episodes of which I am particularly curious with the batch from Puerto Rico.
In the Philippines, you can watch American Idol on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 6 PM at QTV11 with a replay at 8 PM.  The telecast is also available in Star World on those days.

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