It is starting to rain but…


Wala na akong kapatid!  Kaya dapat na umalis na kayo dito.  Nasa pangalan ko lahat ang mga lupa na ‘yan.  Wala kayong makukuha sa mga ‘yan.

Akala mo kung sinong santo…
I thought.  I was made to believe.  It’s sickening actually.  I completely lost my respect.  Well, go ahead.  Eat your land.  No.  I hope ‘your’ land will not eat you alive!

I apologize for my ranting but it’s just disappointing and depressing to know that the very person you most respect is not what you always thought she has been.  I was fooled.  My family was betrayed.  But I don’t want to go back to those days when everything seems to be black and raining hard.  This time then, no rain and darkness can stop me in pursuing what’s best for my life and my family.  Nobody should be a hindrance.


3 thoughts on “It is starting to rain but…

  1. tama kuya. its just a land. whats most important is that you can survive this life using you broad mind unlike that people who is acting like a deprived kid. hahahaha.. 😀


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