5: ‘Lipad’ by Lea Salonga


The official music video of the theme song of the digital Filipino film Dayo, Lipad, was released last week with Lea Salonga singing and accompanied by FilHarmonika under the baton of Gerard Salonga. The music was composed by Jessie Lasaten and lyrics by Temi Abad, Jr.

The animated film’s original soundtrack recording will soon be released under Sony BMG (Philippines). The film is an official entry of Cutting Edge Productions to the 2008 Metro Manila Film Festival and will have its premiere in Philippine theaters on December 25, 2008.

…pagkat sa puso ay kayang-kaya mo!
Lipad! Lipad!
Kaya mong lumipad.
Lipad! Lipad!
Ano man ang iyong hangad,
maniwala sa iyong galing
Abot mo ang bituin
Lipad! Lipad! Kaya mong lumipad…

I’m sure the song will win as Best Theme Song and hopefully Best Musical Score for original film score of Dayo.


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