7: Straight No Chaser


Straight No Chaser (SNC) might be the most catchy but less likely (sounds “drunkards”) name given for an all-male a capella group. But hey, they’re for real and they actually deliver good music. And they caught my attention.

SNC was formed in 1998 with ten Indiana University student-members who remained in the group until 1999 when they admitted new members as replacements. Their voices captivated audiences around the US with their live performances, including eight recordings (two of which were recorded live). Their new album is entitled Holiday Spirits (released on October 28, 2008 under Atlantic Records) and of course all songs are in a capella.

A capella is niche singing and does not have much following given the more popular genre dominating the music industry today. Hence, I find the following press release very surprising:

“HOLIDAY SPIRITS” saw the fifth largest pre-order in Atlantic’s history. The album, released last week, reached the number one spot on the iTunes Top Holiday Albums Chart, and debuted in the Top 20 on Amazon.com’s Holiday Chart.

The following video of the original SNC performing 12 days of Christmas recorded more than 8.5 million views in YouTube which caused the signing of a five-record deal with Atlantic:

Here’s another video to enjoy:


The achievement of SNC is an inspiration for me being a member of an all-male choral group (Koro Ilustrado) myself. That means, everything is possible. And that would be tested on Saturday, December 13, 2008, if my group can make that first bold step with our first ‘major’ concert.

Seven more days to go before the anniversary.

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