8: Pacman


I have seen only footages of the “dream fight” between Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao and Oscar “The Golden Boy” de la Hoya from the television news. The said fight has been the talk of the town for two days now. The whole nation rejoiced and continues to savor the said victory. The fight (welterwight division) and the eventual win of Pacquiao at the end of the eighth round via a technical knockout almost stopped everything in the country or paused at the least. And that has been the scenario everytime Pacquiao has a fight. Pacquiao is now one of the three nominees for WBC’s Boxer of the Year.

I actually don’t enjoy watching a boxing match. It’s too ‘barbaric’ for me…and gruesome. Nevertheless, the significance of every Pacquiao fight transcends from being a mere boxing match. Pacquiao represents the indomitable Filipino spirit that perseveres against all odds. The masa can easily identify with him as he has also a humble beginning being the son of vegetable farmers and who never finished high school. Pacquiao helps us forget, even for only about two hours, our worries (even our meals) and boosts the level of our hopes despite the slump economy. It can be said then that he is our hero and our inspiration.

But these are fleeting – all the drama, spectacle and the excitement. I hope that the inspirations we get from Pacquiao and the whole event are concretized in our everyday lives.


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