Amore Infinito


On November 28, 2008, top-caliber tenor Placido Domingo presented to the press in the Holy See Press Office his songs compiled in a cd album as inspired by the poems of the late Pope John Paul II. The 12 tracks contained in the album were recorded with the London Symphony Orchestra and produced by Deutsche Grammophon. The album also features vocal collaborations by Domingo with some of the most beautiful voices there is: Andrea Bocelli, Josh Groban, Vanessa Williams and Katherine Jenkins.

“This work by Placido Domingo makes us aware that we have not yet fully delved into the rich human, cultural and spiritual heritage which Wojtyla showed us glimpses of. This heritage can help us to better understand … that the world and history are entrusted to us, and that it is up to us, now, to become architects and builders of a future in which mankind and nature are reconciled with one another and with God, as has been made even more clear by the dramatic events we are seeing over these days”.-Msgr. Giuseppe A. Scotti, president of the management board of the Vatican Publishing House

Amore Infinito – Canzoni ispirate alle poesie di Giovanni Paolo II – Karol Wojtyla (Infinite Love – Songs inspired by the poems of John Paul II – Karol Wojtyla)

1. Canto del Sole Inesauribile, with Andrea Bocelli
2. Madre
3. Libertà
4. Anima Nell’Anima
5. La Tua Semplicità, with Josh Groban
6. La Coscienza
7. Palabras
8. Risuona Anima Mia
9. Gratitude, with Vanessa Williams
10. A Mother’s Wonderment, with Katherine Jenkins
11. Love, with Los Angeles Children’s Chorus & Anne Tomlinson
12. Amore Glorificato

This fusion of the Wojtylan poetry and classical music must be heaven! I can’t wait to have a copy of this album.


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