10: Starbucks


It will be the first year anniversary of this blog on the seventeenth of December. And that’s ten days from today. He he

I’m blogging from Starbucks-TechnoHUB at Commonwealth Avenue. This is the second time that I’ve been in this branch. The first time was on the opening day last week. No WiFi yet so I’m using my mobile phone. (By the way, I already got my first 2009 Starbucks planner hehe)

This particular branch of Starbucks is a good place to hang out and enjoy the best coffee in town (he he I’m biased there). It’s quiet here unlike most of other branches I’ve been to. And the baristas are very accomodating and cheerful. That’s a relief actually.

So there. And Liezl of PDA 2 is at the other table. She’s relatively beautiful and pleasant-looking in person in contrary to what I’ve seen on television.

Good night. 🙂


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