11: Fastfood


Before this day ends, I just want to post this entry which I mentally composed earlier this evening in keeping with my blog anniversary countdown.

My day practically started at eleven o’clock this morning and the rest of the day has been tiring for me.

After an appointment that started a little past 11:00 a.m. and lasted for more than two hours, my stomach has been complaining of hunger. I also could not eat much before singing (I usually feel a lot of discomfort with my tummy if it’s full while singing) since I have a scheduled choir rehearsal at two in the afternoon notwithstanding the limited time for a proper lunch. So a friend and I just passed by a fastfood drive through along the way.

After almost four hours of practice, we (the choir) decided to take a break and eat at the nearby Red Ribbon. I rarely take a sit down meal in that restaurant err fastfood. I was actually looking for a branch of Goldilocks in the area for I wanted to have a ‘home’ cooked meal – well, close enough. Unfortunately, there’s none. So I was forced to eat with the group at Red Ribbon.

When I’m hungry and the place and food I will be eating are just ‘second choices’, I tend to be critical, impatient and almost every aspect of the service will surely be noticed. It’s good that I am with a group. I would have been a bitch otherwise. Why?

1. Almost everything in the menu was not available.
2. Since I don’t have enough choices, I settled for a carbonara. But there was no carbonara served. I was told after almost ten minutes that what I ordered is no longer available but after that long period of time (I was already very hungry!) and already paid for it? In the first place they shoulde have told me while I was ordering. So I have to change it.
3. When told to change my order, no alternatives were given. I still have to ask them. Don’t they have enough supplies in store?
4. My food was served after twenty minutes. For a palabok? Would it take that long to prepare? It is there specialty!
5. I already finished my palabok but my drink was not yet served. So I still have to ask for it again.
6. The cake that was served to me seemed to be stale already. It tasted unusually bitter.
7. The softdrink (obviously from a vendo/dispenser) tasted like water with cola coloring. And it has an after-taste.
8. One of us was served last even when he was among the first to order and pay.
9. The cashier is so slow, really slow, in taking orders and payments.
10. I have to ask for my refund since what I ate was cheaper than what I originally ordered. They seemed to forget!
11. After all of the above, I think they should close down.

Sheesh! These fastfood restos and their crew!

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