In search of The Pattern


I only got to know the new sci-fi-thriller television series, Fringe, over at Fox from Karen’s blog. I was so intrigued by the title and the information that I got from IMDB. And from there, I commenced my own ‘research’ of The Pattern. I just finished the first four episodes of the first season and I am still perplexed and clueless as to where the different events are converging at. This series really needs concentration. The ninth episode (The Dreamscape) will be aired today, November 25.

Why the title Fringe? I suppose it directly connotes the term “fringe science” which refers to unusual discoveries or theories which have established scientific principles as their models or bases. It resides in the “fringes” of a well-established and credible “mainstream” academic discipline and therefore lacks the scientific plausibility. Proponents of fringe science are otherwise known as “mad scientists”. The television series largely explores this field of inquiry, just like X-files, but infuses a lot of “breakthrough” technologies that may well be classified as “fringe”. Fiction. For now.

Basing from the first four episodes that I’ve already seen, it appears that the unusual events that have unfolded in the scenes are not bound to happen in this day and age but definitely very probable in the near future. Advances in science and technology are faster that we could ever think of and what the series presents can become possible; ghost network, mental transference, retinal visual imprintation, synaptic transfer system and celermitosis may just be fringe concepts for now but they can be scientific realities of the future. If the consequences of these advances are what the series is presenting, then we may have the reason to fear the dawning of that age.

Nevertheless, the television series is worth every hour of an episode. I just wonder who or what is The Observer. Hmnnnn time to continue to Episode 5.

Fringe stars Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson, John Noble and Lance Reddick.


2 thoughts on “In search of The Pattern

  1. If we can clone animals, I have no doubt that some of these “Fringe” concepts may eventually be made possible. For all we know, there might be scientific advances already in the present that we are not yet aware of that would be classified as Fringe Science. But you are right, seeing how people can abuse science is certainly something to be terrified about.

  2. You’re right Karen. If we could effectively project in the movies and television the possible negative consequences of the advances in science, then they are bound to happen in reality. While we think of/dream of these things today, definitely we can make them happen given the very nature of man.

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