Should it take another Josh Groban?


In a recent (November 9, 2008) article with, Ruben V. Nepales interviewed Josh Groban “in a private villa at the Sunset Marquis Hotel in West Hollywood.” He recounted how he was in awe with the vocal prowess of the Asia’s Nightingale Lani Misalucha and the singing capacity of the Filipino YouTube sensation Charice Pempengco. “Josh said that singing “The Prayer” with Lani at his concert in the Philippines last year was an unforgettable and moving experience.” On the other hand, “he was blown away by Charice’s pipes” in an “impromptu a dressing room while they waited to perform separate numbers in a show.” Having said that, I thought JG was just a very grounded man despite his international fame. But with the praises coming from a remarkable and very talented singer like him, I am proud [being a Filipino myself] of what the Filipino singers have achieved in the international scene. I am equally sad to note, however, that it would take non-Filipinos to recognize and appreciate such great talents.

I would like to emphasize the case of Charice. When she lost to Sam Concepcion and another contestant in the Little Big Star singing competition in 2005 (an offshoot of Star In A Million and hosted by Sarah Geronimo), I thought everything was already settled and the winner was already cooked up. Armed only with her powerful voice, Charice settled for the third spot in the finals. I am not totally against Sam Concepcion as a singer and performer. He’s actually good on those aspects. Most of all, he is marketable. Charice is not. I think I need not elaborate why. Isn’t it obvious? But the most important thing is, somebody like FalseVoice believed in her talent and the rest was history.


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