David Archuleta


AI7 runner-up David Archuleta‘s debut album is already out today. As expected, the whole album sounds expectedly like his first single Crush: over-synthesized. With David’s prodigious and fresh talent, I was not impressed with what the producers got for him as much as I don’t understand the way they are packaging him for the market. Obviously, his album has to sell but most of the tracks included in the album are a little bit over-worked, at least for someone like David. Maybe I was just used to listening and watching him perform during his AI stint.

With the standard album (12 tracks, 4 were added for the deluxe edition), at least three songs got my attention. For one, Touch My Hand could prove to be another hit single for David. Though the rhythm reminds me of JHud’s Spotlight especially the first part of the song, I certainly believe that it is very singable at the level of his tweeny fans and projects good tune recall. His voice is restrained but I admire his delicate but unwavering and on pitch falsettos. Secondly, the mid-tempo ballad A Little Too Not Over You definitely brought out the real voice of David and comes close to the David that I cheered on in AI7; I really like how he belted out in the chorus. And Desperate! It’s not desperate in terms of singing since the powerful rock ballad surely challenged Archie’s voice and he was successful in taking on the demands of the song. This song is my favorite so far.

Overall, the album is nice. Yes, just nice since all the tracks sounds almost the same to me. I was actually expecting more challenging songs, a little variety but cohesive enough for David whose mature voice (for a 17-year old unassuming boy) will surely deliver. His new recording for the maiden cover Angels is the only song that fits my expectation besides the more notable songs I mentioned earlier. Nevertheless, still a good job for David!


1. Crush
2. Touch My Hand
3. Barriers
4. My Hands
5. A Little Too Not Over You
6. You Can
7. Running
8. Desperate
9. To Be With You
10. Don’t Let Go
11. Your Eyes Don’t Lie
12. Angels
13. Waiting for Yesterday (Deluxe only)
14. Falling (Deluxe only)
15. Let Me Go (Deluxe only)
16. Somebody Out There (Deluxe only)
17. Works For Me – bonus track (Walmart edition of the standard album)

Listen to samples here.
Itunes store.


6 thoughts on “David Archuleta

  1. doc ced, lahat naman ng AI winners di na nakaalis sa stigma na yan. pero david has a long way to go kasi bata pa siya….more things will be changed regarding his music career as he grows up (i think malabo na physically eheheh)

  2. david a’s album is really scheduled a week before david c’s release internationally and locally.

    still haven’t listened to the CD.

    puro ako mga AI7 tracks ni Archuleta maghapon sa office. (well, in between tons of meetings)

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