Miss Philippines is Miss Earth 2008!


When I was watching the news at Channel 2 earlier, there was a teaser that the ongoing (then) Miss Earth 2008 was a ‘historic’ one. I supposed that the beauty pageant ‘with [for] a cause’ was already finished since the television broadcast is delayed by at least a couple of hours. I was actually waiting for the said broadcast and my interest was even boosted with the announcement. And yes, it is historic indeed! Philippines‘ bet Karla Paula Henry topped the other countries’ candidates to become the our first Miss Earth title-holder. She was also adjudged as Miss Photogenic.

Karla Paula also broke the Philippines’ drought in winning international beauty pageants. Even when Miss Earth is held here annually, her win, for the most part, could not be questioned since she was just outstanding. In my opinion, she’s even better than our candidates for Miss Universe, Miss World and Miss International. Hmmmm…now that’s worth pondering about.

The runners-up were:

Miss TanzaniaMiss Earth – Air (1st runner-up)
Miss MexicoMiss Earth – Water (2nd runner-up); also Best in Swimsuit
Miss BrazilMiss Earth – Fire (3rd runner-up)

Miss Earth is being organized by Carousel Productions.


Just some observations/comments on the recently concluded pageant:

1. The organizers should employ professional interpreters. Those hired to interpret the candidates’ (usually coming from Latin countries and don’t speak English) answers during the interview portion seemed inadequate and incompetent. It has always been a problem and a turn-off. This year it’s only Miss Brazil who needed an interpreter and Priscilla Meirelles (Miss Earth 2004) seemed ready and excited about helping her fellow Brazilian. But OMG! English was translated to English! Ha ha

2. Priscilla is very good-looking besides being a past winner herself of the very same pageant. She’s gorgeous but she’s not a good host. Her English was dragging everything. Period. Riza Santos (Miss Earth-Canada 2006) was a relief and proved very good in hosting.

3. Billy Joe Crawford, the main host, made a major blooper: was trying to engage the audience by asking them who’s their bet this “2004” instead of saying 2008. In fairness, he immediately corrected himself. But I’m sure it was an awkward moment for him.

4. I like the editing of the television broadcast- for lack of a better word, it’s concise.

5. The pageant should have been held somewhere in Metro Manila and not in an obscure amphitheater in Clark, Pampanga. I understand the tourism value of holding the event there but kamown…as a friend texted me, an international beauty pageant was downgraded to the level of a barrio/barangay beauty contest since a majority of the members of the audience were in t-shirts.

6. Production-wise, Miss Earth should try to be at the level of Miss Universe and Miss World. More budget please! And no guest singer this year. Why? I know it’s for a ’cause’ but it should be more effective in delivering the message to the world, that’s taking care of our environment.

Useful resources about Miss Earth 2008:
Miss Earth official website


11 thoughts on “Miss Philippines is Miss Earth 2008!

  1. a louie, lisa macuja??? LOL but she’s beautiful on tv and carried herself more like a queen than the rest of the contestants in Miss Earth 2008 hehe

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