Today marks the fourth year that I am employed full time. It was a lot of adjustment on my part since I’ve been used to a freelance work. But those four years were the best in my career even when I have to work in a fixed schedule and have to deal with a lot of corporate politics. I should say that November 8, 2004 was the day I dared myself and believed in my capabilities.

Fresh from passing one of the most difficult certification exams in the country, I immediately immersed myself with the games of public practice in one of the big auditing firms here in the Philippines. I had just a week to go home to the province, celebrate my passing the board exams with my family and rest my mind. Though I thought that seven days were not enough to rest considering what I had to endure mentally and emotionally, among others, for six months, I had no choice but to go back here in Manila for work since I already committed myself with that auditing firm even before I hurdled the board exams. However, it was a short stint since my health rendered me incapacitated for the job. I would like to believe that I was not ready for the challenges that goes along with the path that I wanted for myself then. I realized it was not for me. Peer pressure? Maybe. Prestige? Nah. My life was robbed from me. I thought I was blatantly exploited.

I had to get out of that corporate jungle even when the technical training was the best there was. So I tried freelance. It worked for me. I own my time. In fact, I had a lot of free time. I had a life. And it was easy big money.

But some good things never last. My life took a different turn and everything was messed up. Stupid love…I thought everything should end then. I spent years to recover. Four years to be exact.

So I picked up those broken pieces of my life and decided to start anew. Four years hence, I found my current job and so far had no big time regrets about it. I am happy. Still am happy. Surely, I would have landed in a greener pasture…I could have. But I don’t want to experience what I have been through. I know this line of work has certain demands. It’s not that easy but it is the most reasonable one for me.

I don’t like jumping from one company to another in a short span of time. As I’ve said, I am happy. I think I would have another fruitful four years with my current employment. Besides, the time that I gave myself for it has not yet prescribed. Who knows, I might be the CFO sooner that I can think of and everything will be brighter…


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