Blogger embedded comment form needs some fixing


Yesterday, Kerwin complained in my shout box that he could not comment in this blog. That was the second time that somebody complained about it, after A. Another blogspot user confirmed the complaints with me last night since he was also having the same problem with my comment form. Weird but I did not see any problems with my comment form until this morning.

Trying to verify my friends’ claims, I tried a few Blogger blogs this morning and apparently their comment forms worked fine. But their default form is the usual pop-up window. I was using embedded comment form that was made available by Blogger two weeks ago.

I did not experience any problems with the embedded comment form since I made it my default. In fact, it was easier to post or reply to comments (WordPress-like) even when I use mobile. However, I found out this morning that as a blog owner, I could not even post a comment here. I could input my comment but I could not publish it. The whole frame just doesn’t move nor flash an error message. When I shifted back to the pop-up comment form, everything went normal again.

Well, the embedded comment form was actually a welcomed enhancement to Blogger. But with the aforementioned problems, it is a hassle and a waste of time.

It’s time for Blogger to check those bugs! Fix! Fix! Fix!

PS: If the error was caused by my theme (I don’t think so), please advise accordingly.

7 thoughts on “Blogger embedded comment form needs some fixing

  1. ayan! makakapagcoment na ko ulit! hehehe

    nung magcocomment ako sa blogs nyo ni kuya mak hindi tlaga laging nageerror.

    ayaw ata sa cute=p

    ingats palagi kuya white=]
    sino si A? same A nga ba?

  2. @makmak, NONE OF THE ABOVE! heheh

    @doc ced, kala ko nga maayos na yung embedded form kasi mas mabilis mag-comment dun…I WAS WRONG because nag-eerror nga. and kaw din ingat hehe

    sana mabasa ito ng Blogger…;)

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