Music Album Picks: [New and] Future Releases 5


1. Celine DionMy Love-Ultimate Essential Collection/Essential Collection – October 28, 2008
2. Wicked 5th Anniversary Special Edition – October 28, 2008 [Cast Recording]
3. Christina AguileraKeeps Gettin’ Better: A Decade of Hits – November 11, 2008
4. Maroon 5Call and Response: A Remix Album – November 11, 2008
5. AkonFreedom [Clean]– November 25, 2008


5 thoughts on “Music Album Picks: [New and] Future Releases 5

  1. How cool is this line:

    “Yeah baby there’s a villain in me / so sexy sour and sweet / and you’ll be lovin’ it”

    Ehehe. My guilty pleasure lately.

  2. Never, saw it coming / All of, your backstabbing
    Just so, you could cash in / On a good thing before I realized your game /I heard, you’re going around / Playing, the victim now / But don’t, even begin / Feeling I’m the one to blame / ‘Cause you dug your own grave, uh huh

    yan mak…feel ko lang i-post dito. hehe

  3. Oooooh new Maroon 5, and Akon…. It sucks that Amazon doesn’t have complete track lists on all their album posts. And Christina’s, Lady GaGa cross Katy Perry cross Britney… I love Christina still.

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