Three Dads with One Mommy


I have never enjoyed watching primetime TV at Channel 2 like this one. Well, I have always been a Kapamilya. Don’t ask me why since I might blurt out some words here that the others may not totally like.

Since September 9, I have been glued over a Koreanovela “Three Dads with One Mommy”. From the very the first episode until last night, there has never been a dull moment. The three friends are very funny. They’re just adorable.

At the onset, the title is seemingly ridiculous but it aptly captures what the show is all about. The plot is simple, straightforward and typical of Korean soaps that I could actually predict what would happen in the next scene or the would-be reactions of the characters over a certain situation. That is what you get from watching these kind of shows (which we don’t have much choice nowadays). Despite the obvious predictability of the storyline, the show is successful in terms of its entertainment value. It is categorized as drama but it is not laden with tearjerker scenes.

The characters compliment well with each other but there is not much exposure on the development of each. Unlike the Filipino-made soaps, the writer (Jo Myung Joo) did not dwell much on the backstory of each of the characters that would have made it boring and dragging. Of course, each one of them had their moments. The one question of who is the real father of baby Nicole would primarily keep us guessing throughout the series, interspersed with the collective adventures of the cast. Yes, it keeps the story going.

The lives of the three men are centered on the baby, each trying to play the role of the ‘real’ father. What was striking in the episodes shown this week was the subtle twist with the introduction of the blooming love triangle between Ariel (Shin Sung Rok), Jayden (Jae Hee, My Girl), and Lizette (Eugene, Save the Last Dance, Wonderful Life). I thought this would be a logical development of the story considering the circumstances. But what about Jake (Jo Hyun Jae, Forbidden Love, Only You)? Hmnnn…I think I have a good guess as his family background and personal battle are beginning to be revealed.

I hate to spoil your nightly watching but I’m sure it will be real drama on the latter part of the series. For the meantime, just enjoy the lighter moments of the show.

So who’s the real father? Ariel? Jayden? or Jake? 🙂 Pick your guess. Or better, watch the series. It’s not yet too late.


10 thoughts on “Three Dads with One Mommy

  1. my mom was watching that last thursday nung napadaan ako sa sala. natawa ko sa storyline nung episode na un. hehe – and that came from a non koreanovela viewer. la pa ko napapanuod na mga ganun. hehe

  2. Nakakainggit! Walang Korean Telenovelas dito sa Canada. The best I can do is watch them on YouTube or some other website that offers it. Di ko pa nga napapanood yung My Sassy Girl (which I heard is good)… but the other day I saw the US version of it at Blockbuster with Elisha Cuthbert.. di ko pa lang nahihiram. I’m sure masmaganda yung original version.

  3. baka si jayden? ewan,,di ako masyadong nakakanood pero i agree that it’s a really good show. im a true blue kapuso, btw. hehe

  4. Hi Karen. 🙂 there korean websites that offer those soaps for free. You just have to bear sometimes with choppy videos. I haven’t watch my sassy girl though. Pumipili din ako ng mapapanuod. And at abs cbn lang. Hehe

  5. Ay badong! You’ll miss one half of your couch potato life if you won’t watch 3dads. Hahaha ako, i think si jake ang tatay…

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