It’s not even mediocrity; it’s plain stupidity.


I should admit that one of the things that made me continue blogging is the readership. But it is not for “papampam” but a proof that my writings are actually being read and somehow interest others. It is a manifestation that what you write is not about mediocrity; it is something of value, even for just a small group of people.

It is an assumption that those who visited your blog actually read your entries; at least your latest entry posted. Moreso, those who leave comments actually read the post they were commenting about. But I find it stupid for some bloggers to leave a comment which is not even related to the subject/idea of the post. I hate to say this (but I have to) that some would still continue their stupidity despite being directly reminded about it.

Sometimes, I would personally find it hard to understand a certain blog post. Not that I am slow in comprehension (yeah! hehe) but the writing is just not easily comprehensible. Grammatical errors are everywhere and there is rampant misuse of words and expressions. Given these, I am really amazed at the comprehension level of some readers who would eventually leave their ‘unrelated’ and ‘far-fetched’ comments. Maybe, I am really slow. Well, try to read the blogs of those who leave those kinds of comments. You’ll know what I’m talking about.

If a post does not tickle my mind or does not interest me, I won’t comment just for the sake of leaving my footprints. Duh! The blog owner would still know you visited his/her blog given all those visitor widgets and trackers.

I don’t want to ridicule others with this entry. But again, a constant reminder is sometimes necessary. Remember, the net is as ‘dangerous’ as it is a fun place.

So there…and I am happy with my decision to trim down my blog roll.


4 thoughts on “It’s not even mediocrity; it’s plain stupidity.

  1. @kenna, i could list down several reasons why they do not/did not comment on this post. you’re the only one who dared. hehehe

  2. @kenna, i realized this post is ‘discriminating’ and a bit harsh. but as i’ve said it here, a reminder is always necessary…in keeping with the purpose of this blog.

    🙂 anyway, your comments are always welcome here as with others. i have not invoked the comment moderation feature yet and having said that, everybody is still welcome. hehe

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