Zac Efron in EQUUS?


Zac Efron, that hunky heartthrob Troy in the High School Musical series, may be replacing Daniel Radcliffe (of Harry Potter fame) in the broadway production of the play Equus penned by Peter Shaffer, as BroadwayWorld reported.

Then 17-year old Radcliffe’s casting in the London’s West End revival of the play which opened on February 2007 was given unconsiderable attention and much hype when the Potter boy was required (by the script!) to appear naked on stage.

I think the Bolton boy would just do well IF he will actually replace Radcliffe as Alan Strang in the current Broadway production. Seen the cover of the Rollingstone? Do you think there might be another sensationalism over the nude scene in the play with Zac?

In EQUUS, psychiatrist Martin Dysart (Richard Griffiths) investigates the blinding of six horses, a savage act committed by a mild-mannered stable boy, Alan Strang, whose home life is filled with bigotry and religious fervor. As Dysart reveals the mysteries behind the boy’s demons, he realizes he is confronting his own.

The play is being mounted on Broadhurst Theatre, the same theater were Les Miserables (Lea Salonga was Fantine) was revived beginning late last year.


7 thoughts on “Zac Efron in EQUUS?

  1. nung generation namin which is not that long ago. hindi ganito ang mga physique ng mga 17 years old… whats happening?

  2. i haven’t seen the play, of course. but it’s supposed to be part of the play.

    or you mean bakit kailangang may kasamang nakahubad na pic ang post na ito? hehe again, kasama sa script. 🙂

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