‘A Collection’ by Josh Groban


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Grobanites here it comes! On November 10th [18th in stores] , Josh Groban will release internationally a compilation of his hits (2 discs). [There are no available track listings yet] Below is the track listing and this album is definitely a must-have for all fans out there (including me hehe).

Disc One
01. Oceano 02. February Song 03. You Are Loved (Don’t Give Up) 04. You Raise Me Up 05. In Her Eyes 06. Awake 07. Alla Luce Del Sole 08. To Where You Are 09. Anthem [From Chess – Live] 10. Per Te 11. Remember When It Rained 12. Weeping [Live – featuring Vusi Mahlasela & The Soweto Gospel Choir] 13. Alejate 14. Hymne A L’amour 15. Cinema Paradiso 16. Smile

Disc Two
01. Silent Night 02. Little Drummer Boy 03. Ave Maria 04. Panis Angelicus 05. Petit Papa Noel 06. Noche de Paz (Silent Night)

Josh [Winslow] Groban rose to international stardom in 2001 (about 20 years old only) when he released his quadruple platinum self-titled debut album and posted international hits such as To Where You Are and You’re Still You. His sophomore album Closer (2003) also reaped international success making the song You Raise Me Up an instant classic and went on to be covered by some of the equally notable vocalists. His third album Awake (2006) is also in a platinum status and produced another hit You Are Loved (Don’t Give Up). During the last quarter of 2007, he released his first Christmas album Noel which rose to quadruple platinum status and still counting.

Josh has performed alongside with the best vocalists of both classical and pop genres, to include famous duets of The Prayer with Charlotte Church and Celine Dion. He also sang the theme songs of the great movies to include A.I.: Artificial Intelligence (For Always, with Lara Fabian), Troy (Remember), The Polar Express (Believe) and Lady In The Water (Mi Manchiera – Il Postino). He has also appeared in one of the episodes of Ally McBeal Seasons 4 and 5.

Best known for his soothing tenor voice and boyish looks, he can also tackle rock and pop songs alike. Such versatility was showcased in his performance in 2008 Primetime Emmys.

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9 thoughts on “‘A Collection’ by Josh Groban

  1. Here is the list:

    Disc One:
    1. Oceano
    2. February Song
    3. You Are Loved (Don’t Give Up)
    4. You Raise Me Up
    5. In Her Eyes
    6. Awake
    7. Alla Luce Del Sole
    8. To Where You Are
    9. Anthem (From Chess) (Live)
    10. Per Te
    11. Remember When It Rained
    12. Weeping (Live) with Vusi Mahlasela and the Soweto Gospel Choir
    13. Alejate
    14. Hymne A L’Amour
    15. Cinema Paradiso (Se)
    16. Smile

    Disc 2:
    1. Silent Night
    2. Little Drummer Boy
    3. Ave Maria
    4. Panis Angelicus
    5. Petit Papa Noël
    6. Noche de Paz (Silent Night)

  2. Hey mas2! Hehe thanks for the quick response and the listing of course. I’m glad that Hymne A L’Amour is among the tracks. I hope Josh would release another album soon with brand new tracks.

  3. Your Welcome!

    He is currently working on a new cd.

    He said in an interview the other day that it will be about 6 or 7 months before it comes out.

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