The Best of the Rest 72 of Strange Fruit (by Chico Garcia) enumerated some of the classic ‘punch’ lines and anecdotes of our grandparents. We often find them humorous even when they were uttered with sincerity and much of seriousness.

Now I could not help but reminisce those times when I used to tag along (and get free softdrinks hehe) with my own grandmother, my mom’s mother, wherever she went. She lived with us, that’s why.

I reckon that my grandmother was very fond of me and my first cousin who’s about my age. Of the many grandchildren, we were the obvious favorites. Everyone knows how it is for the elderly – they usually find joy through and with their grandchildren especially cute and talented ones (winks! hehe). Sadly, I have a rather faint memory of her courtesy of those (her) funeral pictures that my brother showed me. The happy moments were replaced by fright and eventually most of them faded as I tried to relegate everything somewhere in my memory box…sealed. Don’t blame me. I was five years old then.

What keeps her alive now in my current state is my penchant for softdrinks. And my eyebrows. My mother used to remind me that I inherited the eyebrows of my grandmother. Well, my mother’s side of the family can be distinctively identified with bushy eyebrows. Wait till you see my eyebrows. Haha!

I could not make my self recall any words of wisdom from my grandma. For the most part, I always had a difficult time understanding what she’s saying since she still has that crisp Spanish accent and vocabulary even though she was born here. She was 100% Spanish.

Coke(pronounced as ‘koks’) nga,” she used to say when she buys a cola drink.


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