Chris Brown (& Rihanna) WILL BE IN MANILA!


UPDATE(October 6, 2008): Here’s the teaser of the concert of Chris Brown and (his girlfriend) Rihanna, courtesy of TicketWorld.

(Original Post)

I have blogged before that Chris Brown will be coming to Manila for a live concert sometime November 2008. But there were also reports that such good news for CB fans is just plain rumor and some bloggers even posted a date (October 29?) and ticket prices that go as high as P10,000.

And then there was this clarification. Hopes have been high nevertheless.
I just got this very good news for the fans out there: CB will be in Manila (ahead of Jordin Sparks) though details were not yet revealed. The best thing is that the fans are assured he’s coming (seems my source is pretty reliable hehe).


3 thoughts on “Chris Brown (& Rihanna) WILL BE IN MANILA!

  1. mak, chika lang yung price kasi wala pa naman official announcement for the concert venue and ticket prices. I don’t think CB is worth that much. 🙂

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