Juste moi-même


Some of my friends would tell me that I write well but I will never admit that I do because I am not a writer and will never be one. I’m sure of that. Oh well. This is what you get when you hate your communications teacher in college. But quite ironic (and weird) as it may seem, I would like to think that I could express myself better in writing.

There are those who are gifted with good writing skills and words as well as ideas just flow through them. There are also those who aspire to be one good writer but are not really equipped with the necessary skills. Of course, writing can be taught and learned. Nevertheless, some people still end up frustrated in this field despite their eagerness to learn.

Again, I am not a writer but I would know if a certain composition is a good one. I would even patronize the writer.

And then there’s the so-called writer’s block. Most of the time, however, I impose restrictions on my writings. I am not here to please everybody though I don’t want to actually hurt somebody’s feelings. The net can be so cruel when you choose to pick a fight. Besides, I don’t want to unleash my bad side.

This blog, as I’ve said, is a source of consolation for me. Somehow, it relieves me of stress. So that’s why I write. That’s why I blog. There’s no pressure there.


4 thoughts on “Juste moi-même

  1. One thing I cannot do which you can easily do is to write reviews and features. 🙂 You say you’re not a writer, but I say you are!

  2. you both are good writers. i received an email looking for a reviewer of gadgets. part time with pay. interested mugen & white?

    maganda avatar mo mugen. san mo nakukuha yan?

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