JHud is on spotlight!


Jennifer Hudson!

The long wait is over. After that heart-pounding rendition of And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going and an Oscar trophy for her acting in the Dreamgirls, JHud will be releasing her self-titled debut album tomorrow, September 30 (US). With almost two years in the making and (according to her) recorded over 40 songs for the album, the official thirteen tracks contained therein are proofs of what JHud can do as a singer. The album is definitely a must-have and has something for everyone – R&B, hip-hop, ballad, soul, gospel, inspirational – with Spotlight as the first track, a duet with Fantasia and certainly includes her trademark song from Dreamgirls.

Gifted with a rich and powerful voice, most people say that she tends to oversing her songs. Maybe during her American Idol stint. The quality of voice she projected in some of the tracks (Giving Myself, You Pulled Me Through) is reminiscent of the glory days of Whitney Houston but it’s still very JHud. Her debut album shows more of JHud’s huge potential as a singer and recording artist. I think there’s not one track there that’s oversang; everything are in it’s proper place and it’s very contemporary.

So guys let’s give her a break. I actually don’t like R&B and hip-hop music but JHud’s album is one of those that succeeded in convincing me that I should also enjoy those types of music. It took me just two complete playbacks of the album to actually appreciate it. It’s good. Not regrettable.

Good luck to Jhud and congratulations!

Album Tracks:
1. Spotlight 2. If This Isn’t Love 3. Pocketbook – (featuring Ludacris) 4. Giving Myself 5. What’s Wrong (Go Away) 6. My Heart 7. You Pulled Me Through 8. I’m His Only Woman (with Fantasia) 9. Can’t Stop The Rain 10. We Goin’ Fight 11. Invisible 12. And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going 13. Jesus Promised Me A Home Over There
Bonus Tracks:
1. All Dressed in Love (appeared in the soundtrack of movie version of SATC)
2. Stand Up (UK bonus track)

Link: Official Site


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