RA 9504 (Tax Relief Law) Update: BIR RR 10-2008


The Department of Finance through the Bureau of Internal Revenue already released the final version of the implementing rules and regulations, including the revised withholding tax tables, of Republic Act 9504, otherwise known as the Tax Relief Law which aimed to relieve minimum wage earners from paying tax.

RA 9504 took effect last July 6, 2008 but the implementing guidelines could not be obtained by those concerned. The said revenue regulation was finalized and released only yesterday by the BIR (take note: the RR was ante-dated on July 8, 2008) amidst expressed dissatisfaction of some tax practitioners and employers over the half-year implementation of the benefits of the law this 2008. Moreover, most employers are clamoring over the administrative requirements (a nightmare!) of the revenue regulation.

Anyhow, here is the aforementioned revenue regulation –

RR 10-2008
Annex A: Summary of Current Regional Daily Minimum Wage Rates (as of June 2008)
Annex B: Factor or Number of Working/Paid Days in a Year
Annex C: Revised Withholding Tax Tables Effective January 1, 2009
Annex D: Revised Transitional Withholding Tax Tables for the period July 6, 2008 to December 31, 2008
Annex E: Certificate of Gross Income for the Year
Annex F: Sworn Declaration and Waiver of Right to Claim of Exemptions of Qualified Dependent Children

Good luck to all those concerned.


6 thoughts on “RA 9504 (Tax Relief Law) Update: BIR RR 10-2008

  1. @boying – so nagcompute-compute ka na rin kung magkano makukuha mo na refund by the end of the year or how much will be your tax savings? hehe

  2. @kenna, nope, definitely not. if you’re married and has qualified dependents (children not more than 21 in age,max 4), you income tax will be LOWER as compared to a single individual because you have are entitled to additional personal exemption of P25,000 each for your qualified dependent child besides the personal exemption of P50,000.

    The personal exemption of P50,000 is the same now across all civil status and we are all follow the same tax rates (for individuals).


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