Listen to David Cook’s Debut Single: Light On


David Cook released his debut single Light On exclusive on AOL; iTunes release on September 30.

Listen here.


6 thoughts on “Listen to David Cook’s Debut Single: Light On

  1. maganda siya (yung mata and the song)actually. heheh side by side Chris Daughtry? I think mas gusto ko si DC. Mas maintindihan ko ang lyrics. heheh

    meron na kayo niyan? dyan sa office nyo?

  2. wala pa ata dito. kasi abala ang mga tao kay julia duncan, you know the mcdo girl with a talking wallet…ha ha ha

    at saka sa pagdating ni paul pottsssssssss…..

  3. yung julia duncan na yan mukhang feature performer din sa isang symphonic concert to be held here….forgot the title. does she sing classical????

    going back to DC, you should grab the opportunity to be the first to release it here. baka mauna na naman sa inyo ang mga radyo. heheh yesterday lang released sa US.

  4. JD sings pop. She’ll be part of the Toyota Classics 2008 event at the CCP with the Vienna Philharmonic and a tenor and soprano.

    How she got to join? I really wouldn’t know as long as her plunging neckline reaches her navel and her gown slit up to her hips, she’ll do well.

    Yeah DC’s single got released to prepare for the WW release of the album in October. Sabay sabay ww.

    You like? mura lang the CD. 🙂

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