iPod touch: Still 1G but updated to 2.1


With the availability of 2G, iPod touch just took off a notch higher than any music players at least for me. There is now this urging to be updated once again. But I think it would still be untimely for any replacement. 🙂 Not now.

The most that I had done with my Touchy Touch was to update its firmware to 2.1. So here goes my baby:
Anyway, below is the new iPod touch with a sleeker design and more stuff in it I guess. I don’t want to look into it actually since I will definitely develop a want for it.

8 thoughts on “iPod touch: Still 1G but updated to 2.1

  1. @south park: hehe there were several updates/refinements included in the firmware 2.1. i haven’t studied them yet as i am busy pa but i noticed ‘faster’ transitions from/to the different interfaces/menus.

    i haven’t tried genius yet. and i thought genius is way better than ‘ipod shuffle’. iba pala un. 🙂

  2. that’s good south park. and you’re learning. heheh

    nag-uupdate pa ako library ko since i deleted some of my music files accidentally when i cleaned up my hard drive

  3. I love 2.1!!! noticed how super fast na niya magbackup??? Genius is cool too…. pero if you’re library is as disorganize as you are, it’s a soso feature, but still it’s cool… My app store is back, the iTunes button on the dashboard of my touch is gone naman now, it’s ok since we can’t use it naman diba, pero ang weird lang

  4. Yeah, it’s really weird kenna. My iTunes is still intact in my dashboard. What happened to yours?! Something must be wrong with your touch. And yes, back up is much faster and I guess it’s also because of the iTunes 8. Genius is awesome! 🙂

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