There are no standard rules for blogging or for a good blog post. For most of us who found blogging to be a better means of expressing ourselves – of what we think or feel, employing conventions would just be a futile endeavor and essentially delimiting.

We blog for different reasons and in a variety of styles. And when we click that ‘publish post’ button, we manifest our decision to share our writing or communicate to the whole world those thoughts, feelings, experiences, events, products, et cetera. Hence, our posts should be composed in such a way as it is readable (read: not a sore to the eyes) and coherent enough to be understood by just everybody. We simply need to ‘communicate’ effectively.

From what I have read and from most people I know who maintains one or two blogs, blogging ought to be conversational and engaging. So it is alright to break some grammatical rules or commit spelling errors occasionally. But I think it is not an excuse to be ignorant of those conventions and to be consistent with the errors. There are errors that will not pass as deliberately written to elicit humor or simply an unintentional and honest mistake. These hold true in any language we might be perusing. Hence, it is almost always useful to consider those conventions of good grammar when writing your next post and check for any words you might have misspelled. It is sad to hear feedbacks that a post turned out to be a laughing matter or misunderstood because of these errors despite a very good and relevant subject matter or idea. Just sad.

I guess it is never a waste of time to proofread our entries. If we are in a hurry and don’t have ample time to re-read and edit them, use the spell-checker in your draft pad and based on my own experience, I’m sure we would always have the opportunity to sneak in our blogs again to do the editing. I would also like to believe that by the time we do the editing, no one has read our post yet. Otherwise, be open to corrections (please in a nice way…) from your readers.
Likewise, write in the language you are most comfortable with. It is never ambitious and presumptuous to use other languages we are not proficient with. In fact, practice makes perfect. But you want to be understood more than anything else and be able to effectively deliver your message; thus, the choice of the language is also very critical.
And for those readers who comment or would attempt to comment, it is always helpful for the discussion related to the post and to the post author to be relevant in their responses. I think the best way to comment intelligibly is to read first the whole post and understand it, thus giving credibility to your words.
Whatever it is you’re thinking right now about my discourse, I am inclined nevertheless to forgive posts with trickles of grammatical or spelling errors. It’s alright to commit those little mistakes. I hate to state this cliché but yes, we are not perfect. We all commit mistakes and I am not spared of that.
I am not discrediting any particular blogger in this instance. You may label this post focused freewriting.
Oh wait! Our blog posts say something about who we are.

4 thoughts on “Communicate.

  1. galing kuya ah!=]
    minsan nagpu-proofread ako, minsan hinde. hehehe.masama pa mga 2 days ko na napapansin na may mali…

    para sakin, the best thing in blogging is meeting different kinds of person and knowing anung opinion nya about a thing or two=]

    ingats kuya

  2. Nice post, and I agree. The minute the “Publish Button” is pressed, the post becomes open to scrutiny. While your intention in writing a blog entry may be purely self-serving (that is, you just want to put down your thoughts somewhere), the fact that you posted the entry online makes it fair game to criticism. It’s always best to check entries. The Net can be a cruel, cruel place. Hehe.

  3. @quest: i’m kind of OC when it comes to proofreading but still i would find errors whenever i go back to a certain. sometimes, i would just realize the errors while replying to comments such as NOW. hehe

    and true, blogging is part of social networking and i’ve meet wonderful friends here and learned a lot from their ideas and opinions. would you like to be my friend? LOL

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