Five days ago, Google released the beta version of the Chrome browser and the on-going open source project is called the Chromium.  The browser, however, is only available for Windows Vista/XP2 for now.

I have already downloaded and installed the new web browser in my computer.  For the past three days of browsing with Chrome, I thought it surpassed Firefox (I’ve tried Safari for a time but did not continue using it – it’s obvious, I’m a Windows user, but IE is a goner for me) based on my browsing needs.  In fact, this blog loads very fast (read:  insignificant amount of lag time, reads links fast as I have so many of them here) in Chrome.  I also did not have any problems migrating from Firefox since it was all done automatically with Chrome’s import facility. 
Came in clean and offered a faster and secure browsing, Chrome might just be revolutionizing net experience.  Actually, the revolution already began.  It will definitely have bugs since it is in its developmental phase but definitely a refreshing alternative browser.  I’m also inclined to think that Google is gearing up for a big surprise.  I know there is.  An OS perhaps? Nevertheless, Microsoft’s IE has finally met a stronger competitor.
For those who wants to learn more of the pecularities of the new browser and the related developments, you may need to check The Chromium Blog.


6 thoughts on “Chrome

  1. have you tried typing .% on chrome’s address bar? When you installed did you read the EULA, that google will track your browsing activites? How’s the privacy and security so far?

    I asked since these are some of the things I’ve read about chrome? Chrome uses webkit, that safari has been using for sometime.

  2. @a louie: yep read the Eula. That was a major major issue, right? That that section of the Eula is an indication of a possible violatiom of privacy and intellectual property rights? They changed that section already and attributes the copyright to the end-user as to content. I also thought that was a foul on the part of Google. Who would agree to the original clause?

    %? I did not experience a crash. None so far. In fact, I accidetally copied an erroneous link location containing special chars including that % to the chrome’s address bar earlier this afternoon and clicked to open. The tab just froze and all I got was a blank page. All other tabs and the browser itself were still in good condition. I think Google already fixed that url handler issue.

  3. I haven’t tried it yet, was actually afraid, it’s like google is synonymous to spider or webcrawler…… want’s to be omnipotent huh lmao….they just want to know everything….. scary

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