Album Picks – Future releases 2


  September 9, 2008                  September 9, 2008
            October 14, 2008                 October 20/21, 2008            
November 18, 2008            November 11, 2008

4 thoughts on “Album Picks – Future releases 2

  1. Sayang di na ata sa amin si Brickman. Pero in fairness, he hasn’t aged ha. ang galing ng airbrush…he he he

    I like Benet, hmmm, where can I buy this? Does itunes Philippines sell CDs na?

    Nabuhat ulit ang sixpence? parang high school pa lang ata ako when I started listening to them.

  2. @south park – jim brickman? i'm not really sure if the album i posted is really his latest. i've seen it circulating in the net early this year but it's tagged to be released only today.

    Benet? I have it already. hehe it's a good album; easy listening though r&b pa rin

    Sixpence? I think their last full-length album was in 2002. am i right? 🙂 but they have a compilation of their best songs released in one albumin 2004.

  3. @south park – hehe bumili ka sa iTunes, available na hehe

    jim brickman’s unspoken is really his latest, released today. it’s all-piano kaya ‘unspoken’. 🙂

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