Dayo is the Philippines’ first all-digital (err tradigital??) full-length animated feature film. Scheduled to be released on December 2008, it is CuttingEdge Production’s official entry to the 34th Metro Manila Film Festival and I think it is the first animation film to be officially selected for the said festival which kicks off on December 25.

It is another breakthrough for the Philippines especially in the field of animation after Adarna and Urduja. Based on the trailer below, I think the animation is well-made (I like how it is colored), the sound is amazing and the story is something every Filipino can relate to.

The two main characters in the movie are Bubuy and Anna and the movie revolves around their adventures in the ‘normal’ world and in Elementalia. Bubuy (I bet the voice is provided by Nash Aguas…sounds like him) is a timid 11-year old boy who dreams of flying, always bullied in school and was raised only by his grandparents. Anna, on the other hand, is a 14-year old Ingleserang vegetarian na manananggal (cute!) who happens to be a typically rebellious teenager.

The film will also feature the music of Jesse Lasaten with the theme song sung by no less than the Disney legend Lea Salonga with orchestrations provided by FILHarmonika conducted by Gerard Salonga (I just wish they will release a soundtrack recording for this movie…).

Out of the 8 official entries to the 34th MMFF, I think this animated film will most probably be the only one I will watch.

Dayo is directed by Robert Quilao.


7 thoughts on “‘Dayo’

  1. “Out of the 8 official entries to the 34th MMFF….”

    any link ng entries? may mano po part 34 or Enteng kabisote part 61 ba? 🙂

    Nice trailer though.


  2. wow, although the country’s animation films are imcomparible with japan or the US, i can say that ours’ has its unique taste… papanuorin ko ito.

  3. @wanderingcommuter: yeah, US and Japan have the technology. tayo, nag-eexperimento pa lang. but i would consider Dayo as our best achievement in animation so far.

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