Before anything else, I would like to thank random/tainted thoughts for blogging about the movie Shelter (see IMDB details here) . It may not be at par with the ‘better’ movies but it succeeded in avoiding queer-movie cliches, definitely a heart-warming drama and a story that some of us can relate to.

The following are some of my musings after I watched the film.

\ˈshel-tər\, noun
something that covers or affords protection
a position or the state of being covered and protected


Almost always, we become accustomed to the life built from what the conventions dictate. In the process, we are constrained in our thought processes, speech and actions to the extent that we fail to acknowledge who we really are and what we can do as individuals. Despite the conventions that we ought to submit our life to, we look for and even create some obscure little world where we could be our best selves. Oftentimes, these are actually manifestations of who we really are. In this world, we take shelter away from those conventions. It is also in this world that most enjoy life as we think and feel the way it should be for us.

The rules of society, however, often commands conformity so much so that any defiance or deviance will be scourged with humiliation and eventually cast out. The family is a shelter to anyone’s life journey as they say. In contrary, it can be the first slash in the scourging process. Our first disappointment sometimes starts from our closest loved ones that we thought would understand and unconditionally accept who or whatever we are. This renders us even more confused when this situation happens.

When we could not get the needed consolation or assurance from our family, we turn to our friends who might understand our predicament. Surprisingly, a few of those whom we consider real friends are actually better allies but nevertheless only up to a certain level. Having said that, we ultimately become shelters of our own lives and that we are left by ourselves to uncover our own mysteries.

But what are we afraid of? I realized that most of the time we just have to accept whatever we may have become, to believe in ourselves and just bring it on. It is at this point that we are able to freely express ourselves. But it is never going to be easy as it is a continuous struggle. The conventions will always be there from where we will be often judged and scourged over and over again.

Nevertheless, ‘you’ll never get what you want unless you take it’.


4 thoughts on “Shelter

  1. great to know that you’ve seen the movie.

    Love the scene when jeanne was about to leave for Portland, Shaun was just standing when all of the sudden Zach held his hand, walk towards jeanne and cody and confronted the sister that led to a fight with jeanne’s boyfriend. talk about being proud of your partner.

    Towards the end of the movie:

    “Turn around.. I am so sorry” Shaun said. I just melted seeing Zach’s eye without uttering a word, that he had forgiven Shaun.

    i haven’t blooged “about my weekend movie, “Poster Boy” and “Kiss The Bride” you may want to watch it also. I am a bit uncomfortable blogging “special interest’ movies, you know what I mean since my blog is not anonymous the way a blog should be.

  2. @a louie: hehe. actually, my fave part is also that part but at the time when the car of jeannie and allen left while zach, shaun and cody were left standing…just the three of them. there’s so much to say about the scene.

    and that reconciliation part.

    and that scene “you’re beautiful”


    and i might check out the movies you suggested. thanks.

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