Brotherhood connection


I was invited this afternoon to witness a ceremony of the final profession of religious vows of a very good friend. Finally after eight years of studying, immersion to the religious way of life, and discernment, my friend professed his vow “to live a life of perfect chastity, poverty and obedience…” These and everything about it happened for a purpose and in God’s perfect time.

The ceremony, however, brought me to reminisce my own journey in the same way of life – the whole process itself that I was looking forward to before, the songs in the Mass, the people present…everything reminded me of that part of my life. It never occurred to me before that I have to live the life that I have now. But somewhere along the way things began to change when I was exposed to the worldly passions in my college years – my life eventually turned around from what I expected it to be. I realized I just had the signs misinterpreted as a calling to the religious way of life. But I regret nothing out of those experiences and I learned to accept the changes and live with it. I guess that journey was a blessing enough to finally bring me to know and acknowledge who I really am.
One thing I would always remember and probably miss from my friend: singing with him the whole libretto of Les Miserables. Anyhow, it was a blessed occasion and I am rejoicing with him as he commits to the life God has chosen for him.

2 thoughts on “Brotherhood connection

  1. Mugen, talaga?! You thought of becoming a priest? Me too. Pero as I’ve said umiba ihip ng hangin. It’s a complicated thing for me. Nevertheless, there are still so many ways to serve God. Di ba? Hehe

    actually, yung worldly pleasures andyan yan kahit pari ka pa. Hehe

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