August 21, 1983


I was in my third grade then and I was watching cartoons on television when I saw my mother crying.

Ma, bakit po kayo umiiyak?“, I asked.

Wala na si Ninoy…binaril siya!“, was all my mother uttered in between sobs.

My mother surely must have idolized Ninoy.

I don’t know who was Ninoy at that time. I did not know his story until during the snap elections in 1986 and only when the People Power broke out that I bothered to learn about what’s happening. And I only learned about the life, struggles and the cause of Ninoy through the komiks that they (apparently on Cory’s side) gave out as campaign materials in the elections.

Today, we commemorate the 25th anniversary of the assassination of Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr. who believed that the Filipino nation is worth dying for.

I just hope that his ideals and aspirations still remain in our hearts as we struggle to achieve the kind of freedom that we want as a nation.


9 thoughts on “August 21, 1983

  1. @dazedblu*

    That’s so true. Honestly, all I know about him is that he was assassinated as he walked down the tarmac. Siya rin ang tatay ni Kristeta right?

    I never really knew what he did for the country.

  2. @dazedblu and zweihander: so you must be born in the 80’s. omg. i just gave a hint about my age. lol.

    seriously, i think it might because during those times Ninoy’s case is still not clear to everybody including the family and the government.

    @zwei: really? so Ninoy is not part of HS history books nowadays?! i think as for the martial law days onwards, Ninoy has played a big role as the ‘villain’ in the Marcos dictatorship.

  3. 1988 ako pinanganak cousin. 20 pa lang ako. >_<

    Yeah, as far as I can remember, Ninoy wasn't in our AP book when I was in high school. Maybe he was there, but we didn't discuss things about him. In grade school, I remember listening to a long lecture about Marcos and his dictatorship, but I do not recall much about Ninoy.

    Kaya nga wala talaga akong alam sa kanya.

  4. I was only introduced to Ninoy through some old documentaries that we were required to watch when we were in high school and of course, the 500 persos bill. lol

    Seriously, I heard he is one hell of a guy. He said, “The Filipino is worth dying for.” or something like that and honestly I cannot think of any other Filipino now who can say that and mean it.

  5. @zweihander: i thought he was already discussed in your history books. maybe not extensively though since everything around his demise is still a mystery until now. uncertainty and unfounded information could not be part of history. but then, would his influence on politics be not worth mentioning?

  6. was in junior/senior year along Taft when this happened. i remember wearing the black pin with the gold text printed “Hindi Ka Nag-iisa”.

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