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Today the world will witness the debut of the People’s Republic of China as a superpower as we are all eyes to the spectacle of the opening of the Games of the XXIX Olympiad. I’m sure the opening ceremonies will be plagued by Chinese history, Chinese music and anything about China as the current logo would symbolize, an invitation to share in the Chinese tradition.

Yes, yes, I know. The Olympics is in China, I know. But with most of the countries that hosted the Olympics immediately preceding China, the opening ceremonies looks to the future, especially of the games. Would China do the same? I bet it would be traditional Chinese but a spectacular and lavish show nevertheless for the amazement of the world that includes a number of popular performers (e.g. Celine Dion, Sarah Brightman).

The opening of the games will be held exactly at 8 minutes past 8 in the evening (almost the same time here in Manila), today, 8/08/2008. The number 8 is considered lucky in China.

The Beijing edition of the Olympiad will be participated in by 205 countries and will be held in different venues across the Chinese capital. Several of the venues were actually constructed just for the Games and the most expensive ever, including the Bird’s Nest, the main stadium, that has a capacity of 90,000 and costs $500 million.

As every participating country would be proud of their athletes, the Philippines sent 15 athletes to the Games. Only a few qualified in the standards of the Olympics but the Filipinos are nevertheless proud and are still hoping to snatch a gold medal. The Philippines will compete in swimming, boxing, weightlifting, long jump, archery, shooting, diving, and taekwondo. This time, the country has more swimmers in the field as with boxers. But Pacquiao will lead the modest pack of Filipinos during the opening ceremonies and GMA will grace the occasion along with a host of leaders of other nations.

The slogan for the Beijing Olympics is One World, One Dream and hopefully the Games would bring about that unity, inspite of diversity, a more harmonious world to live in and…China would let go of Tibet.


6 thoughts on “08.08.08

  1. i saw our athletes departure kanina sa isang segment sa mornings news sa ANC, nakakaawa ang mga hitsura, halatang walang suporta masyado ang gobyerno.

    Wala lang para lang silang magbabakasyon sa beijing. hay!!

    pero sana naman GOLD GOLD GOLD kahit papano.

  2. @ a louie: hehe, it’s sad to note that. and yes, kulang pa rin ang suporta ng gobyerno sa mga athletes natin. tingnan mo ang china…..:)

  3. @zweihander: waaaaaaa! same here. di ko rin napanuod because of sharon cuneta!!!! hehe but i guess there’ll be several replays of that opening ceremonies. and i heard it’s pretty amazing. china might have shown the world what it got.

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