Cinderella-ella-ella: Magical Lea Salonga


Even when I felt terrible – headache and all – last Friday, August 1, I tried to be well for the Cinderella musical. And it’s all worth the hassles, including the traffic jams going to the Cultural Center of the Philippines and the non-stop pouring of rain.

I missed at least three musical numbers since I (and a friend) arrived late for about ten minutes and we have to wait for nineteen minutes from the commencement of the play before we were allowed to enter the theater. Nevertheless, we were seated in one of the better seats and my fairytale-come-true day began.

This is my second time to watch Lea Salonga live in a lavishly produced musical since Miss Saigon. But Cinderella is still not at par with Miss Saigon production-wise since, obviously, the latter has a bigger budget. Nevertheless, they’re both awesome.

The cast is great, very talented and is Caucasian except for Lea Salonga and two others I’ve noticed to be Asians. Their Portia and Joy (the two stepsisters) are a great duo. The fairy godmother is also good. And Hark! He’s so funny. Most of all, Lea is still magnificent. Period. 🙂

On the production side, it’s grand and yet I feel there was lacking. And I don’t like how the supposed-to-be magical lights are mounted on the carriage. Except for this, everything is well-executed. I particularly like how they managed to present the “magical” transformation of Cinderella from a princess to a maid.

I was thinking I would have to watch it again before it closes on August 24….hmnnn

From Lea’s Backstory: Something marvelous and magical


4 thoughts on “Cinderella-ella-ella: Magical Lea Salonga

  1. hi miss janette. the musical is such a fun and something of a feast to the eyes. moreso, the singing is fantastic! you should watch it before it closes on Aug 24.

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